Intelligent integration of your building and process systems.

Core EMM

Energy Monitoring and Management

Intelligent integration of your building and process systems


Managing complex building environments while meeting your energy efficiency targets is not always easy. The Core EMM system addresses this challenge through intelligent integration of your building and process systems onto a single management platform.

The EMM system is configurable to give you the information you need in the format that you want it, whether you’re using that data to generate actionable reports, benchmark performance, demonstrate environmental compliance or conduct future price modelling.

Our engineers will work with you to evaluate your business needs and tailor our software solution specifically for your applications, giving you clear, concise and meaningful dashboards and KPI’s.



The EMM system capability goes further than other energy management systems, with an integrated EMM solution you can actively reduce your energy consumption by maximising your production and reducing waste.

  • Set-up operation times and other operating parameters for your building and process systems.
  • Set Schedules for control of equipment and plant.
  • Control your lighting and HVAC systems by evaluating environmental conditions.
  • Access your plant remotely from your tablet or smart phone.
  • Access Diagnostic information about your plant and building systems.
  • Pin point faults and maintenance issues through the EMM alarm handler.
  • Attribute energy usage and cost to unit or batch production.
  • Active E-Stop Monitoring with Trigger Code technology
  • Product tracking and genealogy

EMM is a PLC/SCADA management system that integrates disparate systems across your enterprise including;

  • Security Systems & CCTV
  • Energy Monitoring; HV, LV, Water, Gas
  • HVAC
  • Lighting
  • Production and Manufacturing Machinery
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