Penyclip - Tunnel Control System

The Pen-y-clip tunnel is located on the A55 in North Wales. The A55 is part of the Euroroute E22 and spans across the north of Wales from Chester through to Anglesey.

The Pen-y-Clip VMSS2 project was commissioned to replace two existing (undocumented) systems that were in service controlling the road signage around the Pen-y-Clip tunnel and adjacent road network. The brief was to create a new SCADA system with a similar look and feel to the existing (but obsolete) Conwy & Penmaenbach VMSS Systems. The system also had to be designed such that a phased implementation could be achieved with little/no disruption to the road network. To accommodate the clients unique requirements we designed a bespoke SCADA platform that could communicate will all existing signage, the two existing control systems and provide a resilient and futureproof control platform.
The project included the upgrade of the local sign controllers in a progressive manner and without any loss of service to the road network.

Core Control Solutions developed a bespoke SCADA package for this project providing response times faster than the COTS alternative products. Our engineering teams worked together with Traffic Wales to ensure that the entire installation and migration of systems was executed safely and with minimum disruption to the public users of the highway.

18. Penyclip Tunnel - Overview
19. Pen-y-clip Tunnel Image 1
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