London Gateway

The London Gateway is a major development on the north bank of the Thames in Thurrock, Essex. It comprises of a large deep water port which is able to accommodate the largest container ships in the world.

The scope of Core Control Solutions is to provide the Power SCADA System which will facilitate the control and monitoring of the electrical power distribution network. The power distribution networks has been designed to provide the infrastructure to support the various plant equipment, such as the automated stacking cranes and the refrigerated containers. The Power SCADA System is intended for use by the operators and engineers dedicated to the management of the electrical distribution systems installed around the London Gateway site.

Our Supply includes;

  • Full turnkey C&M project
  • Design and Manufacture of a Factory Talk sever to provide the SCADA interface of the HV Systems.
  • Design and Manufacture of distributed Outstations to interface with the HV Substations.
  • Design and installation of Network infrastructure

This is an exciting project that we are currently delivering the 3rdphase of. Our dedication and commitment has proven key to being Specified by the end use as their supplier of choice.

1. London Gateway- overview Pic
3. London Gateway - Pic 2
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