LHR T5 Baggage Tunnel

The T5 baggage tunnel is a single bore 2.1 km link tunnel providing the facility to transfer baggage from LHR Terminal 5 to the terminals 1 and 3.

Core Control Solutions secured the contract to design and build the control systems responsible for the operation of the engineering and life safety systems that support the PT5TBS tunnel. The systems include but are not limited to;

  • Emergency Response Systems
  • Radio Rebroadcast Monitoring
  • Fire Damper Control
  • Fire Door Monitoring and Control
  • Sump Pump Systems
  • Lighting
  • 11KV HV Substation C&M
  • LV Monitoring

To compliment the SCADA/ PLC integration works we also Manufactured, installed and commissioned the following;

  • 2 Duplex Outstations with dual redundant SLC 5/05 processors
  • 6 Distributed RTUs containing MicroLogix 1500 PLC’s
  • 8 Custom designed and built 4 hour UPS systems
  • 14 Fire Damper Control Panels
  • Fireman Control Panel
  • 4 Ventilation MCC Panels
7. LHR Baggage Tunnel - Overview
9. LHR Baggage Overview - Pic 2
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