T2 & QB Decommissioning

Terminal 2 and the Queens Building

The first building to be known as Terminal 2 was Heathrow's oldest terminal and opened as the Europa Building. In its lifetime saw 316 million passengers pass through its doors. The building became increasingly decrepit and unserviceable and was closed and the building was demolished. The resulting space was combined with the adjacent area where the Queen's Building stood until its demolition to form the site for the new terminal.

Core Control Solutions provided management services to BAA (Heathrow) for the decommissioning of both Terminal 2 and the Queens Building . Specific services provided included the management and coordination of a multi-disciplinary group of subcontractors to achieve the successful progressive decommissioning of the buildings ,whilst maintaining various services for the many service users. Our management team wrote the decommissioning plans, reports and cost plans to present to the BAA board for decommissioning each of the systems.

The services that formed part of the scope of this project included;

  • PLC SCADA Control Systems
  • CCTV
  • Terminal Management System
  • PAVA and Fire Systems
  • Access Control
  • Corporate IT
  • UKBA Systems
  • MET Police Systems
  • Radio Re-broadcast Systems
  • Airline Specific Systems
  • BMS
  • Baggage Systems

Our team managed the process from the from the initial design and re-provision of critical systems through to the final decommission and removal of the equipment and infrastructure.

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